Hikami Sake Brewery| Okuizumo Shimane [Nanakanba,Tamahagane]

Pure, Clean Sake: A Story Woven in Okuizumo

A flavor that stays true to itself.
A new kind of great taste.

We don’t chase fads. Instead,
we provide a complex taste that pairs well with any dish.
A refreshing, delicious taste with each sip.
From the abundant nature and mysterious land of Okuizumo.
Neither too heavy nor too light.
Another day, another glassfor a drink that never gets tiring.

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The village of Tatara and the myths of the land of Okuizumo have been around for more than 300 years. It is here that Hikami Sake Brewery has been making sake since the middle of the Edo Period. Along the way, non-foaming yeast -which has contributed greatly to the development of sake bewing technology was discovered at our brewery.
The more you learn about sake, the more interesting it becomes, so let us introduce sake and our brewery to you here.

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The history of sake brewing has been woven together since times long ago.
Hikami Sake Brewery’s sake is brewed using Okuizumi’s natural resourcesand traditional techniques,
using the rice and water that have supported us for generations.

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Nanakanba and Tamahagane were born in Okuizumo,
Shimanethe village of Tatara and its legends. By learning their stories, you can get a deeper sense of their flavor.

Shimane Okuizumo Hikami Sake Brewery products

We offer sake for all occasions, from gifts to memorable anniversary meals, to everyday evening drinks as well.

Nanakanba Junmai-daiginjo

Nanakanba Junmai-ginjo Ichiban-ninki

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We want even more people to try our sake. With these words in our heart,
we provide sake from Okuizumo to the world while valuing direct communication with our customers.